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Willkommen to your hub for German translations. You’ve got a text that needs to be localized or translated for a German speaking audience? Send me a quick message using the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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What to expect

♠ Translation

Language has to look and sound natural. German is a language synonymous with precision and persuasion, diversity and dialects. My translations from English and French are guaranteed to be 100% accurate while appearing completely natural to the German-speaking target audience. Send me your texts for translation and I will prepare a competitive quote for you. I rely on the latest language technology in my translations. Find out what this means for you and contact me today for more information.

♣ Proofreading

The content of your German text is probably excellent. Still, while it is good to trust your gut instinct, it is always worth having a second set of eyes check over what you’ve done. Whether you have a text written in German or a translation, I can revise, edit and tweak all German content until it says exactly what you want it to without any grammar slip-ups or spelling mistakes. I charge all proofreading assignments by the hour. Send me your text and I will happily prepare you a free quote.

♥ Academic proofreading

Academic texts often involve the use of highly standardised vocabulary specific to a particular domain. Working with language of this kind requires special expertise and first-hand experience with its usage. I proofread term papers and theses (Bachelor, Master and doctoral level) as well as CVs and motivation letters to identify and rectify spelling and grammar errors and stylistic inconsistencies. I charge all academic proofreading assignments by the hour. Send me your work and I will be pleased to contact you with a suitable quote free of charge.

♦ Subtitling

Thanks to the Digital Age, everybody is free to explore the world and the myriad cultures within it. Still, there is one stumbling block that often prevents us from understanding or being understood when we look at things on an international scale: the content language. I enhance film projects, commercials, feature films and other motion picture projects with subtitles targeted toward the culture and region in question. If required, I can timestamp the translated subtitles in SRT format. All subtitling services are charged by the hour. Send me the details of your film project and I will prepare a competitive quote for you today.

About Adrian

Hi, nice to have you here! I’m a professional German translator from Switzerland. I’ll be happy to assist you with your language services & translation needs from English or French into German. You can also contact me for proofreadings, editing, subtitling and academic proofreadings. I specialize in the fields of buisness, IT, technology, retail, fashion and sports – if you’re in need of a text related to a different field, I’ll gladly refer you to one of my colleagues. Talk to you soon!